Minors in the objective of media

The department of Communication Sciences at Bedër University College in cooperation with the Audiovisual Media Authority and Albanian Center for Public Communication, held a workshop on "Minors in the Media Objective".

In this workshop were invited the Director of the Directorate of Programs at the AMA (Audiovisual Media Authority) Arben Muka, the AFP correspondent (Agence France-Presse) in Albania, Briseida Mema, Correspondent of "The Associated Press" Llazan Semini, President of the Union of Journalists, Alexander Çipa, Coordinator for Public Relations and Media in the Western Balkans Fund, Alban Tartari, the well-known writter and pedagogue, Agron Tufa.

During the seminar, under the moderation of Dr. Erlis Çela, was discussed on the current state of the media in the treatment of minors figures and programes dedicated to this ages. Vice-Dean at the Faculty of Humanities of the College Bedër University, Dr. Ramadan Çipuri and Mr. Alaban Tartari shared with master students the experiences and results during the project work at the workshops organized in some cities of our country with journalists of local medias. Also It was discussed about the current laws and the role of training organizations and placement of media regulators in relation to the representation of children's figure and standard ethics on television and other media. This meeting was also the finalization of the project on "Ethics of Reporting on Minors" developed in several cities of Albania.

At the end of the seminar, master students at Bedër University College shared their thoughts about the topic.