Mr. Birol Inaltekin holds a seminar with the students of Education Sciences

The Department of Education Sciences had invited Mr. Birol Inaltekin, Director of Education at the "Gylistan" Foundation, who referred to the topic "What is an IB education?" During the seminar, Bedër's students were introduced to the new techniques of child education nowadays.

"Teachers have to understand that children can not dictate what to think, but they need to teach them how they can think about different issues," added Mr. Inaltekin. He also emphasized the unique character of human beings and the importance they perceive in their feelings. Consequently, the way each student learns can not be the same. During the seminar, students were also introduced to different teaching practices around the world.

At the end of the seminar, the students of Education Sciences had the opportunity to ask about the opportunities for improving the education and the significant impact that education has on Albanian society.