US Embassy of Tirana Officer meeting with students and graduates of Bedër University Collage

The Head of Public Relations Office at the US Embassy in Tirana, Mr. Brian Beckmann, held a conversation with the students of the Department of Communication Sciences at Bedër University College. Along with students at the bachelor and master level, part of the meeting were also former graduate students from this department, engaged in various media of the country. The discussion focused on the topic: "Media freedom, relationship with politics and the challenges of journalists in Albania".
Mr Beckmann during his speech underlined the importance of media freedom for the development of democracy and the important role it plays by saying the TRUTH. He also noted the need for a transparent relationship between media and politics as a need for fair and uninformed public information. Later, expressing support for the work of journalists, Mr. Beckmann highlighted many challenges facing reporters, the role that media owners have and their interests that may be related to politics. It was also highlighted the importance of evidencing and reflecting corruption cases as well as the essential role that investigative journalism has for recording and verifying these cases.
"If you try to highlight the truth, you will help not only to shape the future of Albania, but also to contribute to a better functioning society. You should prepare your neighbors and fellow citizens by giving  the information that is need to become better citizens." said Mr. Beckmann students.
Further, the head of the Public Affairs Office at the US Embassy spoke about the importance of local media in reflecting on community problems, bringing the US media example and the interest people have for this news category.
Following Mr Beckmann's speech, the meeting continued in a form of discussion between students and attendees. Young students and journalists showed interest in the role of new media in the development of democracy, such as the impact of "fake news", the pressure that journalists face today in Albania, and the impact that social media have on the democratization of the information space .