"Challenges of Clinical Psychologists in Albania" Workshop

On Saturday, 23/1/2016 at the premises of Beder University, Scientific Master students in Counseling Psychology and Pedagogy, and also members of the students’ club "Young Psychologists" organized a workshop on professional challenges that psychologists encounter in Albania. This workshop was attended by students of Masters in Clinical Psychology program at the University of Shkodra and the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Tirana. Among some issues included in this workshop, there can be mentioned as below:

1.      Information on curricula. What are your impressions, what is existing there and what is missing?

2.      Problems with the internship. What have you encountered in your experience? How do you think can the problems of internships be solved?

3.      What might be some projects that can contribute to the image of psychologists and make them look more reliable?

4.      What kind of trainings can institutions provide? What are some of curricula that can be included?

5.      Arrangement of practicums during the master program