Psychological Workshop Series. Esmeralda Dani "The Origin of Violence"

Dr.Esmeralda Dani was the guest speaker as a clinical psychologist in the educational workshop organized  by the Department of Education Sciences, in a talk with the students of the Bachelor Program in Counselling Psychology and Pedagogy. Specialized in Clinical and Counselling Psychology, and receiving her dissertation on a topic that interrelates education and psychology, her studies and her scholarly contribution focus on identity formation in all its dimensions, and this was the reason why in her talk she focused on "The psychological origin of violence". Her open lecture concentrated on such issues as the nature and the origin of violence, aggressivity in men, scholars writing about these thematics, alternative definitions and approaches to the issue and the proposed solutions brought forth by the researchers on the issue. In this workshop most of the proactive discussions focused on such issues as 1-"Which is the importance of the question who am Ifor  the sake of problem identification, problem avoidance and balancing the positive and the negative energies of an individual?2-Which are the ways of avoiding ,or  diminishing aggressivity through having negative energy converted into positive proactive energy?3-Which are the international experiences, models and approaches in this field?

The workshop continued as a cross-question-answer session of conversations, discussions,  and presentation of experiences among the psychologist, the students and the lecturers of the department present in the meeting. Of interest were the views of the lecturerLokman Coskun, who brought  forth the Turkish experience, thereby promoting the discussions among the foreign students and  the Albanian students and shifting their focus on the  relevant experiences and traditions.

Thanks to this lively interactivemeeting between students and psychologist the interlocutors also outlined questions for discussionsin future meetings focusing on such specific topics as jealousy, bullying etc.